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Trigger on dead

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......@@ -69,6 +69,31 @@ You're now free to make edits to this file however you wish. __Note: Do not edit
The \_core\_ module is the heart of TSM, there is no configuration involved, nor should the user touch it. It must exist for TSM to work.
<dd><h4>Function Reference</h4></dd>
Returns true if a number of objects supplied are dead, accounting for nils. _(Editor safe.)_
* __Objects__ <sub>_(array)_</sub>
* An array of strings that are variable names of objects
* __Threshold__ <sub>_(integer) [optional]_</sub>
* The number of objects that can still be alive, and have the function return true. _Default: 0_
[["truck1", "truck2", "truck3"]] call tsm_core_fnc_triggerOnDead;
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ tsm_core_fnc_getConfigRoot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tsm\_core_\func
tsm_core_fnc_getConfigValue = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tsm\_core_\functions\fnc_getConfigValue.sqf";
tsm_core_fnc_getTimeString = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tsm\_core_\functions\fnc_getTimeString.sqf";
tsm_core_fnc_getHexColor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tsm\_core_\functions\fnc_getHexColor.sqf";
tsm_core_fnc_triggerOnDead = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tsm\_core_\functions\fnc_triggerOnDead.sqf";
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