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# Theo's Script Modules (TSM)
TSM is a group of script modules I've created for mission makers, but things that I don't feel are right to exist in framework.
* [How To Install](#how-to-install)
* [Using TSM Configuration](#using-tsm-configuration)
* [Module Documentation](#module-documenation)
## How To Install
To start, download this repo and move the `tsm` folder into the root of your mission. So if you mission is called `my_mission.takistan` the path should look like `my_mission.takistan/tsm`.
Then open or create a `description.ext` file (you should already have one if you're using framework) and add the following at the bottom:
#include "tsm\_core_\xeh.hpp"
## Using TSM Configuration
__This step is only necessary if you plan to use a module that has a global configuration, and you need to modify that configuration.__ To start, copy the `tsm_configuration.hpp` file from the `tsm` folder and paste it into the root of your mission folder, it should look something like `my_mission.takistan/tsm_configuration.hpp`.
Next open your `description.ext` file, and add the following line under the tsm include:
#include "tsm_configuration.hpp"
You're now free to make edits to this file however you wish. __Note: Do not edit the file in the `tsm` folder as it may be overwritten by updates!__
## Module Documenation
### \_core\_
| Year | Temperature (low) | Temperature (high) |
| ---- | ----------------- | -------------------|
| 1900 | -10 | 25 |
| 1910 | -15 | 30 |
| 1920 | -10 | 32 |
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